Chotchkie (est. July, 4 1776): Ugly, wonderful, vile and enthralling in equal measure, Chotchkie is a movement encouraging and nurturing uniquely creative original content; weird, bizarre, anti-establishment, niche, offbeat or non-conforming posts that push the limits of mainstream humor (and the Tickld terms of use). It is said they elect a secret Chotch-King which is something they totally do and I didn't just make up.

Frequently, these scumlords of the internet see much time spent BANNED from Tickld because they post stupid pictures with the words "sand niggers" or just plain post a picture of their own poop. Quite often, more often than not, most of the time, more than likely, they are all circle jerking their favorite buddies who they are ALL MEN and want to bang eachother (hi joey [wink]).

Most notably are the notable challenges of the chotches, or chotch games, or as everyone ever calls it: the Chotchkie Challenge. This is where you take a fucking stupid picture, and make it more or less stupid depending on if you are more or less stupid. (you guys are fucking retarded).