If you did not make it yourself, it isn't OC and is therefor a repost

The following is a list of common repost excuses, followed by the explanation of why the reposter is wrong

But I didn't Know it was a repost

If you saw it on facebook, I promise it has been on tickld before

If it is a screencap of tumblr, it has been on tickld before

If there was a major event, such as an actors death or some tragedy, the only OC is the first person who screencapped it and posted it. If you did not post about it within the first hour of the news, I promise you that someone already has. Get caught up on the hot page and new page to be certain. And dear lord, if it has been a week since the story broke we KNOW ALREADY

If you took a joke you heard as a kid and retyped it, for the love of god that is a repost. We heard it, the one with the horse and the melon, we ALL KNOW IT.

But I haven't seen it here before

Look, no one is asking you to have a photographic memory of the history of tickld posts. But it isn't hard to verify- get caught up on the hot page and new page. Check the vote page. Search in the search bar.

Some people may still find it funny

And some people believe in Scientology. Just because SOME people think it doesn't make it true. If people want to get caught up on jokes that have been around since the dawn of the internet, double check your facebook feed for posts from your mother. If you want to see the best of tumblr posts, there is a whole page on facebook for that too. It doesn't belong on Tickld