File:Ticklr map.jpg

A community produced map (hosted here) which was created to allow nearby strangers to peer through your windows and join you in the shower. It also shows which areas have large groups of ticklrs bunched together, like Hawaii and New Zealand who both represent. Large red dots show more people together.

The map was pimped by Sourjillion4 and hotpaeged in April 2015, resulting in a resurge of the map's popularity (as well as unexpected stranger danger). The map now has nearly 2 thousand ticklrs on it with only a few being cunts.

Some examples of these benders are "Totally Not made up Inuit Ticklr", "Santa", "Pikachu Island" (out in the middle of the fuckin' ocean), "optimus prime" and this huge pillock:

Challenge yourself to find them all if you live a sad life with no joy!

The Tickld map is truly a wonderful place and a competitor to Google maps.