In January 2015 one of the Tickld regulars somehow stumbled upon Spunkld a website which managed to be both a godawful, empty rip off of Tickld (even stealing the slogan) and a much better website simultaneously. It was solely posted to by the guy that made it taking reposts off other websites, and yet featured revolutionary features that Tickld still hasn't caught up to: vote changing, an edit button and a "worst posts" section. This caused much hilarity for the regulars who spammed Tickld's profile with talk about Spunkld (annoying Nic in the process) and jokingly talking about it's features.

At the same time users, including 1edzeppelin and Sourjillion4, took to posting the first original content on the unmoderated Spunkld - such as this delightful picture of the website's conception in the Canadian wilderness.

Both users soon became the top scoring contributors on the whole gaping website and had 10 pages of insulting posts between them. Sourjillion4's insanely sexy butt even enjoyed top all-time post status for five whole hours. However the Tickld admins soon cottoned onto the fact that being the sole advertiser of their competition was a shitty idea (or were possibly overwhelmed by the amount of disturbing porn now hosted there) and started censoring direct links to the site, putting an end to the laughter.

The next day the knock-off site's owner deleted all Tickld related shenanigans and made it so all user accounts had to be activated by himself, which took about 48 hours, practically guaranteeing his website would die an unknown and spunky death. Spunkld also reportedly lost all its advertising due to this event, which is regularly credited to the posting genius of tickld user Chosimbaaaa, whose late but enthusiastic contributions to spunkld included images of corpses with their tits cut off and porn featuring an obese black woman.

Tickld regulars still find this pretty amusing and every once in a while, when @nic or the admins do something annoying someone will comment:

"Fuck this shit, I'm deleting my account and going back to Spunkld."
I cri evrytim.