A trend is a movement of some kind, mostly understood to be short lived. On Tickld, trends are when a new meme or theme becomes popular and posted/upvoted to the hotpage constantly. The best trends die a hero, instead of living long enough to be played out villain

The average lifespan of a Tickld trend has 4 major stages: Infancy, Golden Age, Reactionary, Twilight.


In the Infancy stage, a trend has just glimmered its potential. One poster, seeing an innocent opportunity for Upboats, posts a picture. A second Ticklr decides to take a chance and turn the post into OC by adding text. It should be added that many attempted trends die at this stage based solely on these two posters. Average time is 1-3 hours

Golden Age

In the Golden Age of the trend, the re-usability of the picture has spawned many incarnations from many posters, and the greatest of trends include multiple variants. One method is taking the same text style but having a different picture or even a different meme, making the joke have even more layers. Shortest golden ages have been clocked at 1 hour, but the longest recorded was a whopping two weeks (See Tickld Flag Trend of August 2013)

Reactionary Stage

The Reactionary stage can overlap with the Golden Age, but heralds the beginning of the end of the trend. It usually starts in the comments, with people calling the OP a cunt, or saying that 'this shit never happened when tickld was good'. It then mutates to the OC stage of reactions. This reactionary stage includes multiple predictable memes: "I dont know ____ and at this point I am too afraid to ask" "Am I the only one sick of ____" and of course, the hated Gandalf "I have no memory of __". If you have ever posted any of these reactions, you are a cunt of the highest caliber. This stage of the life cycle can start as early as within the first hour of the Golden Age, but lasts at least a day after the Golden Age has died, sometimes as long as three days (depending on the original length of the Golden Age)

Twilight Stage

The Twilight stage of the Trend is any point after the reactions die down- more often than not, the follow week will have someone Slowpoke the trend, get downvoted to hell, but now the trend is in tickld memory. This is the point every trend is in after the excitement, and indeed, like the fabled dragons of old, even the Corgie trend is simply sleeping, hibernating in this stage, waiting for a revival period. Every once in a while, a poster will be struck by inspiration and post a new twist on an old trend. This age has no time, and will only end for the trends if Tickld itself shuts down